The Royal Academy of Science International Trust
at the heart of Science, Education, Economy, Arts & Sustainable Development
The Global Sustainable Development Report is a United
Nations publication aiming to strengthen the science-
policy interface at the High Level Political Forum on
Sustainable Development, which replaced the
Commission on Sustainable Development after Rio+20
as the main United Nations platform providing political
leadership and guidance on sustainable development
issues at the international level.
          RASIT - EkoRE Agora

The Agora explores the role of the private sector in
delivering the 2030 sustainable development agenda,
focusing on what business can do (and what it cannot
do) and the role governments need to play to avoid risks
and maximize potential.

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RASIT partnership with the Government
of Malta truly is one of global
partnership, that illustrates SDG 17.
Following RASIT’s partnership with the
Government of Malta, a milestone year was
reached in which the 70th Session of the United
Nations General Assembly adopted a
groundbreaking resolution (A/RES/70/212)
proclaiming February 11th annually the
International Day of Women and Girls in Science.
The First Commemoration of the International
Day of Women and Girls in Science was
organized by the Royal Academy of Science
International Trust (RASIT) in partnership with the
UN DESA – Division of Social Policy and
Development, and held at the United Nations
Headquarters, with participation by UN Member
States, the two focal points of UNESCO and UN
Women, governments, private sector, academia,
and other civil society actors, including girls in
science and a special introduction of an "He for
She" element.

The Third Commemoration of
the International Day of Women and Girls in Science

“Women and Girls in Science for Peace and Development”

to be held on
9-11 February 2018
at the United Nations Headquarters
New York City

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in the News ...
RASIT and Felician University Signs an MOU aiming to
promote sustainable development, global health and gender
equality in the United States, particularly within the scientific
sector including the healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotech

RASIT Executive Director gives a keynote speech at the
Campden Wealth Family Office Forum in its 18th session in

RASIT and Sabanci University, Istanbul - Turkey, signs an
MOU for collaboration and partnership in Sustainable
Development Programs.

RASIT Executive Director is appointed as a Distinguished
Visiting Professor at Felician University - New Jersey USA.

RASIT Executive Director appointed as an Honorary
Chairperson for World Federation of Consuls - Ladies in
Diplomacy Committee.

RASIT Writes the Future’s History at the United Nations.  On
Friday December 4th 2015 Member States Adopt Ground
breaking Resolution to Establish an Annual International Day
of Women and Girls in Science.  

RASIT's Executive Director Receives Vote of Thanks from the
Board of Directors and Delegates of World Federation of
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RASIT's Executive Director Gives Keynote Speech at the 11th
World Congress of Consuls held in Istanbul.  
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RASIT's Executive Director, HRH Princess Nisreen El-
Hashemite Addresses the Eurasian Women's Forum  held in
the Russian Federation on September 24-25 2015.
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Women in Innovation and Connectivity:
The Role of the Private Sector

(High-Level Event during the ECOSOC Science,
Technology and Innovation Forum)

Date:  15th May 2017  -  Time:  15.00 – 18.00
Venue:  Conference Room 11, United Nations
Headquarters., New York
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In Focus
Global Campaign for Women and Girls in Science
In partnership with the Council of Baltic Sea States Secretariat (CBSS), and
the United Nations Institute for Training and Research,
RASIT launched the:
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RASIT launched:

Esraa El Bably Global Fund for Women and Girls

Instead of letting the disability get in the way, the Fund will help women and
girls use it as a tool to propel themselves forward and reach their goals,
even if it is against the odds.

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