Protecting Iraqi Heritage
Started in year 2009, Protecting Iraqi Heritage
Campaign aims to document Iraqi historical
places and protect it.  

The Campaign started in Baghdad when HRH
Princess Dr Nisreen El-Hashemite - Executive
Director, invited historians and photographers
including Youth to take pictures of historical
places and life in Baghdad.

Unfortunately, several places were destroyed
by American-British war in 2003 including the
Palace of King Faisal (I) of Iraq, and robbery of
the Iraqi Museum and historical items.  The
destruction continued after by religious and
some new Iraqi politicians.

Further destruction of Iraqi ancient historical
places and heritage occurred by the terrorist

Through the campaign, the ALC Council invites
whoever is concerned to join and speak out to
protect the Iraqi Heritage and historical places,
this heritage belong to humans everywhere.
One of the Oldest Coffee Shops in
Baghdad: The Beiruti Cafe
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