Through the ALC Council, RASIT organizes several programs aiming to raise the importance of arts on
the development of human thinking along with science.  

Activities include:
Art / Photographic Exhibitions
Lectures & Seminars
Musical Concerts

Art & Photographic Exhibitions
“Peace on Earth”
“The Hope”
“Another Chance”
“Languages & Dialogues”
“To be or not to be?”
“Life .. is Children”
“Women in Societies”
“Culture for Peace”
“The Creator & The Creation”
“Wonders of Coffee”
“Human meets Nature”
“The Art of Science”

“Artistic Beauty and Coordination in Nature”
“Photography and Science Research”
“Classic vs. Modern Art”
“The Need for Teaching Literatures in Science Curriculums”, Music & Scientists”
"Iraqi Music Week"
"Iraqi Human Being in the Drama of Hamed El-Maliki"

Musical concerts
“Promises”; “Dreams”; "Destiny”
“The Creator”; “Candles”; “One Language”
“Culture for Peace”; “A Smile & A Wish”; “Generations”
"The Hope is Future”; “Children”; “Women of the World”
“Just for You”; “All Together”; “Atlas of Iraq”
Hiwar (Dialogue) and Kulna Sawa Touring United States:
aiming to build understanding between America and the Middle East through cultural programs, RASIT hosted
Hiwar and Kulna Sawa Music Groups From Syria on Concert Tour in America.

In fulfilment of its aim in opening a dialogue between science and arts, Hiwar Music Group visits Dr Farouk El-Baz,
Director of Remote Sensing Boston University, who explained to the group his desert theory.

Ahmed Mukhtar performing Iraqi music in the USA
Ahmed Mukhtar Performs for Orphans and Refugees in Lebanon:
In collaboration with the UNRWA, RASIT organized a musical concert for Palestinian Refugees Children in Beirut
Lebanon.  Also, RASIT Organized another concert for Lebanese Orphans in "Beit Al-Yateem Al-Dirzi" Orphanage


Culture Dialogue
Under the Culture for Peace Program, RASIT organized a Cultural Dialogue between Ameede Turner, Christina
Noble Foundation Representatives, and the American Women Association Representatives; and the Arab Muslim
and Christian Scholars.

IRAQI Music Week 2006 - 2007
In Collaboration with University of London - School of Oriental and African Studies, and the Lebanese National
Conservatoire,  RASIT Culture 4 Peace International Program organizes the Iraqi Music Week, aiming to preserve
and document Iraqi Music and culture.  

for future events calender please contact us.
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