“The Human being is the most valuable thing on this earth, however he rarely acts in light of this fact.  This could explain the presence of many problems that increase and
interact till it become a real source of threat to human life on this planet.  Therefore we are in need to highlighting those problems that education & science may find
solutions for.  If we will be able to expand our work at RASIT through establishing different specialized committees that will review, discuss, and consider in a scientific
pattern of thinking, the recent problems and its future impact of humanity, then we can find a cure or at least a way for treating such problems…..  

From my experience, I think RASIT is in need for a Culture Relations & Art Committee, because human beings cannot survive in science alone; literatures, art, and music
are very important in developing of human thinking.  Some may think that the human problems have increased because of the advances in science & technology, as many
of such problems did not exist 20 or 30 years ago.  

In my opinion, unlike the old days, we humans started to have this kind of thoughts because we negated the need for literature, art, and music in our lives.  If we will go back
to the historic development of science we can see how literature, art and music had a great impact on identifying the problems and the needs to improve the quality of
human living that in turn helped scientists to develop their research work.  In the past, scientists worked closely with artists and literature writers to transfer the magnificence
and beauty of scientific development to non-specialized individuals.  

Unfortunately, in the recent years we rarely find such collaboration and this resulted in the growth of fears and anxiety among people preventing new development in science
& technology, due to the lack of public understanding of the artistic values of such advances.  Furthermore, scientists nowadays do not have the proper knowledge in the
arts and literature, because of the fast advances in their fields, which gave them no time to read or even think about the value of art and literature in improving their work &
skills or because science colleges no longer teaches literature and art in their curriculums.  

As we all are here meeting to discuss our future work for the benefit of mankind, it is our duty at RASIT to address these issues through the Culture Relations & Art
Committee programs.  I hope that the programs will be directed towards the benefit of science, technology, health, public understanding and above all improving the human
conscience and thinking”.
HRH Prince Mohammed Bin King Faisal (I) El-Hashemite

December 1981 - RASIT General Assembly
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