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More than 40 Years for the World Heritage Convention, and still NO
respect for Heritage

War and terrorism destroys
World Heritage
Documentation of Traditional Arts
and Culture

Globalization weakened and diluted
traditional arts and cultures.  Working with
a wide range of partners, RASIT venture
and aims to preserve and document
heritage arts and cultures through
seminars, exhibitions, concerts etc.
Supports, encourages, and promotes
Women in Arts particularly those from
developing countries to pursue their career
and improve their skills.  Further, This
program continues to encourage Arts
education and training for female students
in developing countries.
ARTS Scholarship / Program

In collaboration with international and  academic institutions, RASIT ALC Council
support and encourage outstanding Youth to pursue their studies and gain
experience in Arts.

The program also seeks to ensure access to Arts education, even in the most difficult
circumstances and for the most vulnerable groups, refugees, women, orphans and
underprivileged children.
Iraqi Artists Aid Program

Prior to the period of the Gulf War and subsequent economic sanctions,
Iraq had one of the best performing Arts programs in the region.  Iraq’s
Art institutes are in a dramatic situation, some 24 years of conflict and
unrest - first with Iran in the 1980s and then with the Gulf wars and the
situation that has followed - have seen hundreds of  Iraqi artists killed,
the exodus of many intellectuals and the virtual isolation of those who
remained.  Iraqi artists who are unable to flee the country are now in a
queue waiting for their turn to die.

Most Iraqi artists whether refugees in the Middle East or within Iraq are
in a very dreadful situation, with no jobs and no financial support to
secure their daily life needs.

This program supports Iraqi artist in need with their basic needs of
health care and daily life requirements.  Further, under this program
RASIT is working closely with professionals and International Art
Institutes to promote the Iraqi artists and their remarkable work.
“Culture for Peace..

NOT.. Culture of Peace"
Peace has no culture, however, Culture can serve Peace.
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Arts Literature Culture Council is a Program of RASIT
The First International Non-Governmental  Scientific Organization To Enroll Culture & Art As A Governing Committee Of Its Executive Board
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