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"Iraqi Drama: a presentation by Hamed El-Maliki"
In collaboration with the Syndicate of Professional Artists in
Lebanon, RASIT Arts Literature & Culture Council hosted a
cultural evening held at the UNESCO Palace in Beirut on 24
May 2011, featuring the Iraqi Drama: past, present and future.  
Hamed El-Maliki, a renowned Iraqi writer, spoke about how
the Iraqi Drama that he writes present the Iraqi people and
society.  The Executive Director of RASIT, HRH Dr Princess
Nisreen El-Hashemite, then presented the RASIT Awards to
the Syndicate of Professional Artists in Lebanon and to
Hamed El-Maliki in recognition of thy outstanding
achievements in Arab States Art & Literature.
In the News
ENWAN Youth Radio Program

RASIT raising the importance of Radio as a medium and a
network that promote access to information and freedom of
expression over the airwaves and reaches the widest
ENWAN Radio Program, a new Initiative in Arab States,  
produced by RASIT, and broadcast on the Lebanon Official
Radio Station every Monday live for an hour, gives Arab Youth
the platform for the Voice of Youth to be heard; speaking out
as Leaders of Today.  
For more than 4 Seasons, every Monday Youth present the
show (non-political, non-religious) and discuss an issue with
a policy-maker or a public figure or with other Youth that
matters to their lives.
RASIT Celebrates the World Day for
Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and

Since the year 1995, RASIT raised internationally the
importance of understanding of the values of cultural
diversity with an aim to learn to live together better in
peace and tolerance.  This was clear in RASIT’s
FOR Peace Program.  
Proudly to say, RASIT Founder President, HRH Prince
Mohammed Bin King Faisal (I) El-Hashemite, Vision to the
future was significantly and considerably ahead from the
Following to our success stories and campaigns, FINALLY
the International World believed in the importance of
Culture Diversity Understanding and Respect.  In 2001,
UNESCO adopted the
Universal Declaration on Cultural
Diversity and in December 2002, the UN General
Assembly, in its resolution 57/249, declared May 21 to be
the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and
Through its
ENWAN Radio Program, RASIT celebrated The
World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and
Development and raise the 2012 UNESCO campaign aims,
which are:
• To raise awareness worldwide about the importance of
intercultural dialogue, diversity and inclusion.
• To build a world community of individuals committed to
support diversity with real and every day-life gestures.
• To combat polarization and stereotypes to improve
understanding and cooperation among people from
different cultures.
Protecting Iraqi Heritage

Started in year 2009, Protecting Iraqi Heritage
Campaign aims to document Iraqi historical places
and protect it.  The Campaign started in Baghdad
when HRH Princess Dr Nisreen El-Hashemite -
Executive Director, invited historians and
photographers including Youth to take pictures of
historical places and life in Baghdad. Unfortunately,
several places were destroyed by American-British
war in 2003 including the Palace of King Faisal (I)
of Iraq, and robbery of the Iraqi Museum and
historical items.  The destruction continued after by
religious and some new Iraqi politicians.
Through the campaign, the ALC Council invites
whoever is concerned to join and speak out to
protect the Iraqi Heritage and historical places, this
heritage belong to humans everywhere.
RASIT Encourages writers including Youth to submit their books, articles, and
research studies for Publication.

Please send your publications
Arts Literature Culture Council is a Program of RASIT
The First International Non-Governmental  Scientific Organization To Enroll Culture & Art As A Governing Committee Of Its Executive Board
“More Powerful Women In Film
and Television are Needed”
A Statement by Naaman Azhari, a 20
year old Media and Communications
student at Goldsmiths College,
University of London.
Baghdadi Eyes:
Per the recommendations of RASIT's Executive Director, HRH Princess Dr Nisreen
El-Hashemite, a new section titled "Iraqi Photography Exhibition" is established within the ALC
Council featuring pictures from Iraq.  
This online exhibition shows pictures about Iraq that others around the world do not know.  The
first online exhibition presents "Baghdad" through the Eyes of two university students from the
Academy of Fine Arts - Baghdad University (Mustafa Al-Dabagh & Noof Al-Falahi) and one young
professional working in media (Reem Khan).
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Iraqi Youth Documents Life and
Places in Baghdad
“Shoot as You Walk in Baghdad” started in
Baghdad City.  A group of Iraqi Youth
coordinated by Miss Noof Assi Al-Falahi are
having a walk every month since the
autumn of 2012.  When they meet, the
group walks in their cities, and learns more
about its history, people living in there, and
documents the heritage and life of Iraq.  
The idea of “Shoot as You Walk” was in fact
established by a group of Youth from the
City of Tripoli - Northern Lebanon.