Your Voice at the United Nations:

The Royal Academy of Science International Trust (RASIT) is associated with the United Nations Department of Public
Information and has the consultative status at the Economic Social Council.

RASIT works at the nexus of STEM to provide high quality policy solutions and recommendations to broadening participation of
scientists across all disciplines by maintaining visibility of science issues in policy and development international forums; and
promote consensus on evidence-based policy development and implementation (including strategic priorities and alignment of

RASIT plays a central role in facilitating joint action on many fronts, mainly progress towards the United Nations Sustainable
Development Goals, to ensure parity in science and innovation, and through support for a Global Strategy and Policy for
Science at the United Nations and its entities.

RASIT seeks to achieve and maintain the highest possible political commitment to the development of science in the 2030
Development Agenda and beyond by:

  • Developing and facilitating member-based advocacy work, linking action to key policy moments to ensure science issues
    is a global and regional priority in the sustainable development framework;
  • Engaging media, parliamentarians and civil society to create sustained interest and accountability around science issues;
  • Working to develop important resolutions to prioritize policy and budget action to improve the status of science and
    innovation through collaboration with the International organizations; and
  • Partnerships with the private sector, which will strengthen partner engagement and alignment nationally, regionally and
    globally by:
  1. Developing relevant messaging for our development partners and facilitating participation of private sector in
    science and innovation development employment issues; and
  2. Encouraging stronger coordination within our multistakeholder partner platform and advocacy network.

Further information on all our international advocacy initiatives at the United Nations can be obtained by contacting Mr. Richard
Jordan,RASIT UN Operation to the United Nations at
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