A legacy takes on life of its own, and because it is defined and developed by many individuals over many years.
Each legacy has a unique history
The Royal Academy of Science International Trust (RASIT) is an independent international Non-Governmental Organization dedicated
to promoting excellence in education and science, and plays an influential role in regional and international higher education policy
and supports developments in Science Technology Medicine in a wide range of ways.

RASIT was signed into being by
HRH Prince Mohammed bin King Faisal (I) El-Hashemite – Founder President on 17 April 1968 to
promote and provide education to whomever is in need. As mandated in its Act of Incorporation,

    Since 1969, RASIT served and  prepared
    more than 21,500 students and youth to
    face the challenges of the continuously
    changing and developing world:   
    10,958 Males
    10,547 Females

All through times of change, RASIT’s mission has remained steadfast to recuperate, enrich, and advance the science and technology
educational methods; and make it accessible via the scholastic systems.  Through education, RASIT and individuals from all over the
world were able to integrate, wipe illiteracy and narrow the gap between nations.

As a natural extension of the academy's interest, RASIT braces the ethically constructive scientific and social research and
researchers; and works closely with key national, international, professional societies, academic institutions and associations in
order to benefit education.

RASIT’s training programs, seminars, symposiums, and conferences reveals its legacy and path to the future; as well as
demonstrated the mastery of providing the highest means of scientific developments for the well-being of humanity.  Furthermore,
and since 1969, Policy-makers have often turned to RASIT on the educational, scientific and technological issues that frequently
pervade policy decisions. RASIT also provided independent advice on matters of science, technology, education,and medicine for
some higher education institutions worldwide.

One can define RASIT’s activities as: the Promotion of Science & Technology Education and enhancement of Public Understanding of
Science; encouraging and rewarding the excellence of women’s achievements and accomplishments in science, medicine,
technology, education, and societies services; raising the importance of arts on the development of human thinking along with
science; improving the lives of those affected and suffering from genetic disorders while finding a cure; preserving  family structure,
educate, wipe illiteracy, and rebuild society; fighting RACISM by creating harmony and tolerance among all kinds of races; assisting in
aiding, relieving, and rescuing Underprivileged individuals wherever around the world and help them gain confidence, maintain their
identities and rebuild their lives.

It is imperative to note that RASIT’s own activities are fully funded and sponsored by its privately derived resources. All activities are
carried out as a public service and undertaken at freewill by committees of unpaid volunteers who are also members of the academy.

Since its founding, RASIT has undergone substantial growth and profound change in response to the changing characters and
demands of the society as well as globalization. In order to meet such challenges, the mission of RASIT has expanded its scope of
activities and intensified interactions with national & international  organizations for the purpose of keeping up with the explosive
growth of science, technology, and globalization, and its important impact on commerce, education, environment, health, and all
aspects of sustainable development programs.

RASIT enlist committees of top scientists, distinguished scholars and experts, and students all of whom volunteer their time to study
specific concerns. The results of their deliberations have inspired several of Developing Countries significant institutions and
societies to improve the health, education, and welfare of the population.

For more than 48 years, RASIT has been an organization with an infinite vision into the future, and will continue this tradition of
measureless services for the benefit of mankind.  
The Royal Academy of Science International Trust
at the heart of Science, Education, Economy, Arts & Sustainable Development
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