Who is Who.. in brief

            El-Sharifa Fatima El-Hashemite is

the wife of RASIT's Founder President HRH Prince Mohammed Bin King Faisal (I) El-Hashemite and the mother of his four children Their Royal
Highness: Prince Dr Adel, Prince Adnan, Prince Ahmed, and Princess Dr Nisreen.

a direct descendant of the Profit Mohammad of Islam.

holds PhD in Islamic Studies and Law.

for more than 40 years, she worked on supporting women's rights and equality in Arabic and Islamic States through development programs and
studies that either she conducted, organized, or sponsored.
The Fund
    Focuses on:

helping underprivileged women and children in Iraq who
have struggled due to wars, crisis, poverty, etc,

helping women and children to overcome barriers and get
their lives working, through providing practical support
including education, integrated health care, training,
mentoring, and financial assistance,

helping women and children to realize their potential and
transform their lives.

supporting educational & health programs focusing on
women and children wherever and whenever in need.
What is like to be a woman / girl in Iraq?

Our female associates in Iraq will give you the real answers
Violence Against Women, we have to remember the violence against Iraqi
In one of the most secular country in the Arab world, where women were
until recently a visible and integrated part of public life, females have all but
disappeared immediately after the invasion and occupation of Iraq.
Women and girls in Iraq live in fear of violence.
Intensification of efforts to eliminate all forms of violence against women
Report of the UN Secretary-General
International Day of
Persons with Disabilities
       3 December
In Iraq:
many children are born with birth defects such as Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida
and Congenital Malformation due to environmental causes.    
In addition, uncounted number of children have suffered from injuries caused by
the war and terrorism.  Because of the environment and war situation in Iraq,
there are no services to help these children with their disabilities.  

Did You Know...
In Developing Countries, such as Iraq, 90% of Children with Disability DO NOT
attend schools, says
Our Vision
To Establish a special Education Center for disabled Children
in Iraq.
What is like to be a child in Iraq...?
ask our members and you will get the real facts about Children of Iraq
Universal Children's Day
20 November
Drawing the Smile on the faces of Underprivileged Children & Women
El-Sharifa Fatima Fund
for Childhood and Motherhood
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