Until 2003
  • The Wonders of Coffee art collection was very personal to HRH Dr Princess Nisreen El-Hashemite.  The
    Wonders of Coffee is a collection of coffee paintings inspirationaly created by The Princess.  

  • In September 2003, The Princess received a phone call from a renowned physician in Iraq asking her to
    financially support underprivileged families in Baghdad.  The Princess, who was an employee of Harvard
    Medical School at that time, did not have the enough fund to do so as her salary was hardly enough to
    support her living in Boston.

  • The Princess’s mother, Her Highness El-Sharifa Fatima El-Hashemite, suggested selling the coffee
    paintings and generating fund to help her people of Iraq.  

Since 2003
  • October: the first art exhibition for the Princess was held in Boston (MA-USA), in December another art
    exhibition in New York City, and then exhibitions followed.

  • The fund generated and sent to whoever is in need in Baghdad.

  • Since then, all proceedings of the Princess’s Coffee paintings are directed to support her people of Iraq,
    and whoever is in need for help.   

  • As humanitarian situation in Iraq got worse, affecting more women, children, and young people.  The
    Princess decided to direct proceedings of her art collection into educational and health programs in Iraq.

  • El-Sharifa Fatima Fund was launched as a program of RASIT.

  • The fund named after Her Highness El-Sharifa Fatima El-Hashemite, to honor her as the idea initiator

2006 – 2008
  • No particular programs was initiated in Iraq due to the security situation. However, El-Sharifa Fatima Fund
    supported widows and underprivileged families in Baghdad, Basra, and Mousil cities.  

  • With the improvement of the security situation, programs started in Iraq.
In the year 2006, El-Sharifa Fatima Fund was founded by HRH Dr Princess Nisreen El-Hashemite.   

Since 2007, Her Royal Highness became dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged people in Iraq, and
began The Fund to deliver on that commitment.
Drawing the Smile on the faces of Underprivileged Children & Women
El-Sharifa Fatima Fund
for Childhood and Motherhood
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