El-Sharifa Fatima Fund continues its humanitarian efforts to
help underprivileged Children in Iraq.  In a gesture of support
for the Iraqi children,  RASIT's Executive Director HRH
Princess Dr Nisreen El-Hashemite visited underprivileged
families in various parts of Baghdad, and distributed to
children aged between 6 - 10 years.  The total number was  
2500 school bags in year 2009; 10,000 school bags in 2010;
20,000 school bags in 2011, and in 2012 we distributed
30,000 school bags.  Every school bag contains all the
required materials and books for the school year.
In Our Eyes

Princess Dr Nisreen El-Hashemite - The Executive Director of RASIT, and during
her field trips to various provinces in Iraq said: “economic and social factors of the
Iraqi family have a significant impact on children and schooling.  Many families can
not provide the most basic needs for their children such as school bags, books,
notebooks and pens…  A large number of children working to help their families. "
Dr El-Hashemite continues: "Also the security situation and the transportation to
and from school is one of the important problems facing children in Iraq.. many of
the children walk long distances on foot to get to school.. this is in addition that
most of the schools need rehabilitation of both buildings and services such as
water, electricity and sanitation facilities, furniture and classrooms. There is also a
shortage of teaching materials such as school books and tools necessary
including the special classes for practical and scientific education and libraries. The
situation in the villages and provinces is worse than Baghdad”.

Princess Dr Nisreen El-Hashemite stressed on the need to take an urgent action to
promote and encourage the enrollment of children in schools. This has to include
providing transportation to schools and improve the level and quality of education
through improving educational curricula and the provision of textbooks and
accessories, and rehabilitation of school buildings and public facilities with an
emphasis on children’s health, including psychological and physical health. A
moral support in Iraq is very essential to encourage families enroll their children in
Education Situation in Iraq

Before 1991, the education system in Iraq before 1991, was one of the best
systems in the region where the enrollment rate among children in primary
education was 100%, and the proportion of illiteracy among men and women was
the least in the region. However, since the Gulf War in 1991 and the subsequent
economic sanctions that put Iraq in isolation from the outside world, which was
followed by the 2003 war, and the subsequent instability in Iraq due to terrorism
and killing of civilians, the number of widows and orphans and the underprivileged
people has increased dramatically, leading to a significant decrease in  the
percentage of Iraqi children enrolled in school.  According to UNESCO reports less
than 40% of Iraqi children join schools.

The main reason why Iraqi children and youth do not enjoy their right to education is
poverty, which leads parents to drive children, especially boys, into the workforce.
Most families cannot afford the basic requirements for elementary school and
transportation. For example, the UNICEF indicated in its report that
extremely poor districts, a quarter of students under 15 dropped out of school
compared to just over a tenth in better off districts. The reasons given were that
families could no longer afford costs; schools were too far away; and some children
were sent to work to supplement household incomes…. Overall, the above data
help to explain a deteriorating national literacy rate that may be as low as 74%, with
a female literacy rate of around 64% in a country that was on the way to eradicating
illiteracy in the 1980s, especially for women.”
Provide 50,000 child with school bags & needed

Open Literacy classes for women & young people

Support 5000 Orphans from rural areas with School
Transportation Fees

Organize School Psychological Counseling Programs
Action is the key to Success
Our Plan for 2016-2020
Drawing the Smile on the faces of Underprivileged Children & Women
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