The Talent Center
Beirut 2011

Under the Patronage of the President of the Lebanese Parliament HE Mr. Nabi Berri
155 Iraqi children from different parts of Iraq exhibited their paintings
in Beirut - Republic of Lebanon

The Exhibition inauguration started by playing the national anthems of Lebanon and Iraq, then the Executive Director of RASIT HRH Dr Princess
Nisreen El-Hashemite delivered a speech welcoming the attendees said:

"This exhibition is a gesture of support and encouragement to the children of Iraq, and certainly today is a historic day in their life, they can not
forget, They are in Iraq and their painting are exhibited in Beirut in a the most remarkable place in Lebanon: the Parliament Square, in front of the
Lebanese Parliament and under the patronage of the President of the Lebanese Parliament, this arena has not given to any person before, and
many of the great artists dream to exhibit their paintings here, but it was given to the Children of Iraq to display their dreams and messages of
hope to live in peace in their own country…. She continued: “Unfortunately the Iraqi politicians are not keen to look after the Children of Iraq and
secure for them healthcare and education or even electricity and security.. and with all the agony and miserable day to day life they live in, the
children managed to give messages colored with a smile… the children who drew these paintings were born and are still in Iraq, dreaming of
better life, they are hoping to tour the World with their paintings to say to the whole world: we are here.. we are orphans and poor but we know how
to smile and love, although we are young but we know how to dream and our dream is live in Peace in our country Iraq.. Please come and see us
in Iraq, Iraq is beautiful... Don’t look at us as Arab and Kurdish and Assyrian and Chaldean, or Muslim, Christian and Sabian, look at us as Iraqis,
and our photos assembled to form the map of Iraq….. In this exhibition, and as you can see we managed to turn the children’s pain into hope and
to look to the future of safe and full of joy and peace.. Through their drawings they were able to build a house and plant a tree and a rose, and
make Iraq in their paintings a country full of love and joy… I hope the officials in Iraq, the politicians to pay attention to the children and to learn from
them to work for Iraq and to love its people.  The Princess concluded her speech by expressing her gratitude to HE President Nabih Berri.

The MP Ali Bazzi, gave a speech on behalf of HE President Nabih Berri, Wishing for the children of Iraq and the Iraqi people, "further progress,
success and prosperity." He said: "President Barri honored me to represent him on this auspicious occasion with the Princess Dr Nisreen El-
Hashemite”.  After he toured the exhibition, Mr Bazzi said: "We have only seen in the drawings hope for a bright future and a better life to become
more stability…. regardless of the age of the children who painted these paintings, I see the artists, I did not see in the drawings a bullet or
explosive or missile, but I saw how much they love life and how they expressed the joy and hope and happiness, and peace in their paintings".

On behalf of President Nabih Berri, MP Bazzi record in the Register of the Exhibition a statement for the children of Iraq.

Upon the request of the Child Seif Al-Obaidi, Princess Dr Nisreen El-Hashemite presented his painting to HE President Berri, and a portrait to
written and signed by the children participating in the exhibition saying: “Thank You Uncle President, and we Love you so much”.  
Drawing the Smile on the faces of Underprivileged Children & Women
El-Sharifa Fatima Fund
for Childhood and Motherhood
The Royal Academy of Science International Trust
at the heart of Science, Education, Economy, Arts & Sustainable Development
Under the Patronage of the President of
the Lebanese Parliament HE Mr. Nabi
Berri, an Art Exhibition for the Children
of Iraq was opened in Beirut at the
Parliament Square – Beirut Down
Town.  A total of 155 underprivileged
Children from 6 provinces of Iraq
presented their art work in Beirut –
Republic of Lebanon with a message
of Peace and Hope for a better future.  
The Exhibition represents a project to
develop the talents of children in Iraq
and install a spirit of hope in them, by
taking their voices through their
paintings to speak about their dreams
and aspirations from Baghdad to the
whole world.
The Children refuses to sell any of their paintings and through their messages written on the paintings
they were indicating the following statement: “These paintings are not for sale because Iraq is not for sale

A crowd of Diplomats, of political figures, military, academic, businessmen, and public figures as well as
children from the Arabs and foreigners toured the exhibition and recorded their appreciation for the
children of Iraq and their love.  The music and songs of the Iraqi Arab and Kurdish was playing and the
crowd danced saluting the Children of Iraq.  

Interestingly, the invitations to the exhibition formed a new type not used it before in the text of the
invitations, it was written in the Iraqi dialect, and also came in the Kurdish language.

It is worth mentioning that according to the Iraqi Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs statistics, until 2009
there are 4.5 million orphans in Iraq and more than 500 thousand children left to live on the streets. The
Iraqi Government orphanages is residing only 459 orphans. According to data from the Organization of
the United Nations Children's Fund "UNICEF" in 2009 that about 50% of primary school children are
attending school, low compared to 2005, where the ratio was 80%, and about 40% only have access to
clean drinking water is a continuing possibility of outbreaks of cholera and other infectious diseases
among children, as they lack the most basic services and manifest a wide range of psychological
symptoms from the violence they witness.
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