Center for Talent Development is so far a virtual center aims to serve the gifted community
and ensure that gifted students receive the education, encouragement and support they need
to learn and grow into confident and accomplished adults whose love for learning grows
stronger each year.

Through our activities we help students set ambitious learning goals and realize the full
potential of their talents. We focus on talent identification, and talent development.
“Between the uncertainty in the hearts and minds of our children for their inability to
absorb what is happening in their country, our children live under the weight of
violence, terrorism, poverty, displacement and lack of care and education and lack
of services and other risks and neglect that left physical and psychological
consequences on our children for years and years... Here we are, through this
activity, we managed to identify the artistic talent of these children and promote it in
this exhibition”.
    HRH Dr Princess Nisreen El-Hashemite
    Executive Director

Decorating Children's Central Hospital
Oncology & Renal Failure Wards

School talented children from different schools in
Baghdad, donated their hope and joy paintings to
children with cancer and kidney failure at the Children’s
Central Hospital – Baghdad.
To Establish Talent Centers in 3 Provinces

The purpose of the Talent Center is at all times to serve the gifted human person developing his / or her
talent in order to participate into the betterment of thy community with effective role; and thy Talent
Center  objectives are as follows:
  • to engage students with high ability into practical summer work at local industries in order to gain
    experience matching their outstanding abilities and to create future industrialists , scientists,
    businessmen and leaders ; and
  • to inspire those special candidates into their liking and learning and self-development .

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Our Vision
Four University Students from
Baghdad University - School of
Fine Arts framed the paintings
and started the mission of
Mustafa Al-Dabagh; Noof
Al-Falahi; Mustafa Al-Lami;
Assim Daghistani

The activity included:
distributing painting books and
color pens
Sweets and Toys
morally supporting sick children

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Other School of Fine Arts Students decorated the Walls in
the hospital with such beautiful cartoon pictures.
Kheiry & Bassim work is an example.
Baghdad 2009
Exhibition Pictures Slide Show
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Children's Paintings Slide Show
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Baghdad 2009
in celebration of  Universal Children’s Day
Under the patronage of HRH Dr Princess Nisreen El-Hashemite
77 children from underprivileged families
exhibited their paintings at the Iraqi Hunting Club Baghdad
Beirut 2011

Under the Patronage of the President of the Lebanese Parliament HE Mr. Nabi Berri
155 Underprivileged Iraqi children from different parts of Iraq exhibited their paintings
in Beirut - Republic of Lebanon

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Drawing the Smile on the faces of Underprivileged Children & Women
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