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"Syrian Children: A Generation Lost". RASIT hand in hand with the UNICEF
"Don't Forget Syrian Children & Women" Campaign
More than Two years of conflict, Children & women are paying the highest price for
the conflict. The Campaign provides children and women with psycho-social therapy
and support. For more information contact us

There is Always Hope Team.. More Youth Volunteers involved in helping Iraqi Children
with Cancer
There is Always Hope team target is the second largest hospital in Baghdad treating
children with cancer, the hospital is called “Specialized Nursing Home”.  The new
group of Youth and Young Professionals including medical doctors, school teachers,
engineers, and artists, learned about all activities of El-Sharifa Fatima Children’s
Library, and their journey started in 2012.

30,000 School Bags Distributed in Iraq to whomever is in need.  Read More >>>

Children's Sport Day
Since 2011 RASIT sponsors Youth Athletic Leagues of Northern New Jersey, where
teams of young athletes as young as 5 years old are encouraged to join teams of
their favorite sports, receive a weekly organized training, and compete on a national

Family Festival in Collaboration with YMCA
RASIT co-sponsored the YMCA Family Fall Festival held in October 2011, where main
streets in towns were closed and turned into meeting place full of lanes of fun &
eventful festivals that brought families together to enjoy activities involving all ages.

A Day with the Orphans in Lebanon
The Executive Director HRH Dr Princess Nisreen El-Hashemite visited the Orphanage
of Druz in Aly Town (Showf Mountain) and presented them with
a gift of books, education materials, cloths, and toys.

Visit to Maqassid's Children
The Executive Director HRH Dr Princess Nisreen El-Hashemite visited the
Kindergarten at Maqassid Association located in Beirut.  On behalf of RASIT, the
Executive Director presented scholarships for underprivileged children.

In celebration of the Universal Children's Day, RASIT MENA Regional Office Issues a
Statement titled "Universal Children's Day: a Day with no features in Arab States"


In the year 2011, a total of 20,000 school bags was distributed to whomever is in
need in Iraq.  Every school bag contains all the required materials and books for the
school year.  

Celebrating the 2nd Anniversary of Opening El-Sharifa Fatima Children's Library in
Baghdad.  El-Sharifa Fatima Children Library opens its doors at the Children's Central
Hospital in Baghdad, The First of its kind in Iraq.
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Under the Patronage of the President of the Lebanese Parliament HE Mr. Nabi Berri,
an Art Exhibition for the Children of Iraq was opened in Beirut at the Parliament
Square – Beirut Down Town.  A total of 155 underprivileged Children from 6 provinces
of Iraq presented their art work in Beirut – Republic of Lebanon with a message of
Peace and Hope for a better future.  The Exhibition represents a project to develop
the talents of children in Iraq and install a spirit of hope in them, by taking their voices
through their paintings to speak about their dreams and aspirations from Baghdad to
the whole world.   

RASIT celebrates International Cancer Day at El-Sharifa Fatima Children Library in
Iraq. Read more >>    
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The Renowned Soprano Mrs Majda Al-Romi sends a message of support to the
Volunteers at El-Sharifa Fatima Children Library in Baghdad
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Our Volunteers distribute 10,000 school bags to underprivileged children in Iraq.

2500 school bags & educational materials were distributed in Baghdad
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“my painting” art exhibition
77 children from underprivileged families exhibited their painting.
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Decorating Children's Central Hospital Oncology & Renal Failure Wards
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All Proceedings generated from the Wonders of Coffee Art collection
inspirationally created by HRH Dr Princess Nisreen El-Hashemite, are used
to Finance El-Sharifa Fatima Fund.
Drawing the Smile on the faces of Underprivileged Children & Women
Because Every Child In The World Has One Thing In Common
Universal Children's Day
November 20
"Women are not half of
the world, They are the
whole World.. The one
who gives birth to life is
the Origin, She is the
Source and the source
cannot be a follower"
                 Dr Ali Ismail
March 8
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