The governing of RASIT is vested in the Board of Trustees and the Executive Board.  

The Academy is governed by the Executive Board consisting of: Dean, Director General, Executive Director, General Secretary,
Financial Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations Secretary, Directors of Committees, and five officers, elected from among the
Academy membership.

HRH Prince Adnan El-Hashemite is the Dean of RASIT.

RASIT has 8 Acting Committees which are widely representative of its disciplines. The Executive Board aims of the committees
are to foster a designated program, branch or theme of Science Technology Education Medicine and Arts, and to serve as a link
between RASIT and its fellow associates and other individuals in the same field.

An Acting Committee is a committee fosters a designated area or theme of RASIT, to provide liaison with appropriate international
bodies and to advise the Executive Board on these matters, in response to Executive Board initiatives or at the initiative of the
Acting Committee.

Acting Committees are frequently called on to advise on science policy matters, on proposals for Academy sponsorship of
scientific conferences and on proposals for grants from special purpose funds. They are also encouraged to prepare occasional
reports and other documents on the state and outlook of their respective disciplines.

Acting Committees maintain active links with relevant scientific societies and international organisations, and to advise Executive
Board on relevant matters.

The Acting Committees are:
  • Education Committee
  • Science Committee
  • Medical and Health Committee
  • Public Relations & Information Committee
  • Social Affairs Committee
  • Arts, Literature & Culture Committee
  • Economics Committee
  • Legal Committee

RASIT enlist committees of top scientists, distinguished scholars and experts, and students all of whom volunteer their time to
study specific concerns. The results of their deliberations have inspired several of Developing Countries significant institutions and
societies to improve the health, education, and welfare of the population.
The Royal Academy of Science International Trust
at the heart of Science, Education, Economy, Arts & Sustainable Development
with an infinitive vision into the future, and will
continue this tradition of measureless services
for the benefit of mankind.  
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