Through the years, RASIT managed to grant the help, care, and support for under-privileged people in:: Africa (Guinea, Somalia, Sudan, Algeria, Morocco, Nigeria);
Asia (Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq, Palestinian Refugees Lebanon, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Philippine); USA (in collaboration with American Red Cross and Salvation
Army); etc.

RASIT granted all kind of help and support for less fortunate people worldwide.  RASIT provided them with proper medical care, and sponsored craftsmanship so
they can generate income for themselves in order to be independent.  

However with all the humanitarian relief donations given, RASIT remains faithful to its original mission of promoting & providing education to whomever is need for it,
and always encourages such people going back to schools.  

RASIT has succeeded in almost every mission and those it helped gained confidence in them selves, maintained their identities and started to rebuild their lives.
How your donation is used?

Please consider making a financial contribution so that we can support the efforts of our volunteers running our programs.

RASIT Education For All Fund
which seeks to ensure outstanding students' access to education, even in the most difficult circumstances and for the
most vulnerable groups, refugees, women, orphans and children from poor families.  

Miriam Trust Fund
a flash appeal for Iraq, to support unfortunate Iraqi refugees and those in need.

Culture for Peace International
which is a set of values, attitudes, traditions and modes of behavior of dialogue and understanding at all levels of
society and among nations and ways of life based on: Respect for life, cultural diversity, everyone to freedom of
expression opinion and information, tolerance, and cooperation.

El-Sharifa Fatima Children's Library - Iraq
Committed to providing Iraqi sick Children with the best educational & psychological care and support while receiving
treatment in hospitals.

El-Sharifa Fatima Fund
Helping change the lives of women & children worldwide
"It is the right of every human person to have a fair educational and health well-being; and to
select any independent and impartial jurisdiction to live with peace and no worries"

December 10
Human Rights Day
and our commitment forever remains
"whenever & wherever there is a human in need, RASIT responds
Humanitarian Aid
The Royal Academy of Science International Trust
at the heart of Science, Education, Economy, Arts & Sustainable Development
Your tax-deductible donation to RASIT supports the
wide-ranging Educational and Health projects, and sustainable
development activities.
Think Peace..
Save Innocents’ Lives
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