The Ministry of Social Affairs in the Republic of Lebanon and the Royal Academy of Science International Trust
(RASIT) launch a National Campaign to Raise Public Awareness about Infertility: Causes, Methods of Treatment,
and Prevention

HE the Minister of Social Affairs Mr. Wael Abu Faour at the beginning of the Press Conference said: "We meet
today on the occasion of launching the First National Awareness Campaign on Infertility, in cooperation with the
Royal Academy of Science International Trust (RASIT), an international non-governmental organization
accredited by the United Nations, Founded by His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin King Faisal (I) bin El-
Sharif Hussein El-Hashemite".

He added: "The objectives and sustainable development programs shared between the Ministry of Social Affairs
and RASIT, especially those related to: women, adult education, volunteering, reproductive health, children, and
the disabled, what yield to the partnership with RASIT through the Memorandum of Understanding that shall be
signed today…

The National Campaign to Raise Public Awareness about Infertility: Causes, Methods of Treatment, and
Prevention, is the First achievement of this Partnership that will begin in January 2012 and continues throughout
the year.  This Campaign aims to disseminate knowledge on the subject to all segments of society, leading to
protection and reduce the proportion of infertility and genetic diseases and disabilities birth in the Lebanese
society… He continued: "We must express our pride in the exchange of experiences between the RASIT and the
Ministry, represented in this campaign by the unity of the reproductive health division  which has the long
experience in the field of reproductive health, in order to correct misconceptions and to encourage the
responsible behaviors ..

Consistent with the attention of the Ministry of Social Affairs to reach areas and groups most in need in the
community, the campaign will be implemented in all regions of Lebanon through the centers of development
services of the ministry, along with universities and high schools, syndicates, municipalities and civil associations,
unions and other government and non- government institutions, to spread awareness on the subject..”.

He said: "Despite the lack of statistical data of national subject, seen through the experiences, expertise and
mentoring that the problem is and sometimes dangerous, so we call from this platform to all institutions, whether
governmental or non-governmental, to provide advocacy and support to RASIT for the success of the national
campaign, as the subject is a public matter not just the Ministry of Social Affairs.

The Partnership between RASIT and the Ministry of Social Affairs, aims to:  

1 - implementation of field studies to measure the extent of health, social, psychological and all related problems
in the Lebanese society, their effects on the level of health, educational, and social development programs and
propose the necessary legislative to improve social services.

2 - To raise awareness among women and men in relation to human reproductive health and choices.
3 - Improve the national capacity to collect data on the quality of reproductive health, including the diagnosis of
infertility service, analyzed and updated on a regular basis, to be taken advantage of the data currently available
within the reports belonging to the primary health care services.

He concluded: "Our thanks and gratitude to RASIT that worked to raise number of issues related to women,
children, reproductive health, cancer, disability, and social affairs to ensure the protection, development and
advancement of the society.  We look forward to a fruitful partnership to improving the quality of human life in

In her Speech the Executive Director of RASIT HRH Dr Princess Nisreen El-Hashemite said: "This campaign, the
first of its kind in the Arab world, is implemented based on the recommendations generated from the International
Symposium titled: “Gamete & Embryo Market: Globalization of Genealogy” that was organized in Beirut on
Thursday, September 29, 2011 under the Patronage of The President of the Lebanese Parliament HE Mr Nabih
Community service through awareness and provide information for the advancement of knowledge has come in
the forefront of priorities of RASIT… Some may wonder, what is the importance of infertility? Is the subject of
infertility need a national campaign? Let me say: Yes, infertility needs for a national campaign: how can couples
have children and there are diseases prevalent cause of infertility, these diseases can be treated in the early
stages if detected early if a woman or a man noticed the symptoms. There are also uses for some unauthorized
and/or licensed pharmaceutical products that cause infertility, and there are social habits of modern society have
the outcome of infertility, and there is poor nutrition, and there are environmental factors and its negative effects.
Therefore, our duty is to help the society to understand and know the causes, the treatment and the
prevention…  In addition to health education for reproductive health, this campaign will also focus on all aspects
including social and psychological impacts on men and women…..”

The Princess El-Hashemite concluded: “through this collaboration and partnership with the Ministry of Social
Affairs, we at RASIT will put our efforts and expertise to help and support the Ministry in the sustainable
Development programs of the Lebanese society; we will participate in the provision of advice, studies and
exchange of experiences and development of programs to serve the community.

On behalf of RASIT I would like to express our thanks and appreciation to HE Mr. Wael Abu Faour and all those
who put the efforts in realizing this partnership. Indeed this partnership that we are announcing today will
constitute a necessary support for the Lebanese society; I also would like to thank RASIT’s Associated particularly
those of Lebanese origin for lightening the flame of serving society".
The Memorandum of Understanding signed in Beirut on Wednesday 21st of December Ref No.
10122/2011, aims to the following goals, social services, and sustainable development programs in:

  1. Women and Children
  2. Education
  3. Public Health including Reproductive Health and infertility
  4. Disability
  5. Citizen Advisory Bureaus
  6. Genetic Diseases
  7. Jeans 4 genes
  8. Cancer Prevention & Treatment
  9. Social Affairs Consultancy
  10. Conducting Studies and Research
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