After the American-British Occupation of Iraq, and the unstable situation ever sense, the displacement of Iraqis from Iraq was now the fastest growing refugee
crisis in the world.  “Iraqis who are unable to flee the country are now in a queue, waiting their turn to die”.  This is how an Iraqi journalist summarized
conditions in Iraq today.

The Fund was established in 2004 to provide services for Iraqi Refugees in the Republic of Lebanon.

The Fund was named after Miriam, an 8 years old refugee girl, who always had hope and kept saying:

    "Tomorrow will be as sweet as Chocolate"

Miriam's dream was to live in peace in her home country, to become a medical doctor and a painter to draw flowers and smiles everywhere.

RASIT is committed to serve Iraqis, whether refugees or within Iraq, victimized by oppression or violent conflicts, through providing relief, rights in education,
health care, and  resettlement assistance.

The Appeal is an International Partnership of people dedicated to serving Iraqis in need of emergency and long-term medical care, nutritional rehabilitation,
educational opportunities, vocational training, job placement and the protection of women and children at risk of economic and sexual exploitation.

By assisting the Iraqi refugees, we acknowledge their suffering, we honor their courage and we affirm our own abiding commitment to human rights. There can
be no truer test for any society than how well it respects the dignity of the individual. The work of RASIT and its dedicated Fund helps to meet that test.

For the implementation of the objects of RASIT, this Trust Fund is made that shall manage and funds collected into RASIT programs in order to create a new
national & global framework of supporting Educational, Medical, and Social Programs for Iraqis in general and Iraqi Refugees in particular residing in the
Middle East.

The Appeal is managed by a board of Directors:

HRH Dr Princess Nisreen El-Hashemite (Medical Doctor & Scientist);
Professor Antoine Maalouf (CEO Al-Mashriq Hospital – Lebanon);
Ahmed Mukhtar (Renowned Iraqi Musician & Composer).
Maitre Diane Arnalete (Attorney at Law);
Miss Hiyam Sujud
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flash appeal for Iraq
an inspiration of freedom, hope, dignity & self-reliance
Miriam Trust Fund
"Tomorrow will be as sweet as Chocolate"
    ---- Miriam, 8 yrs old refugee - Lebanon
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