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Miriam Trust Fund
"Tomorrow will be as sweet as Chocolate"
    ---- Miriam, 8 yrs old refugee - Lebanon
Secure the Future For Iraqi civilians
Health; Education; Equality; Protection
Think Peace.. Save Innocents’ Lives..
RASIT has sought to use its expertise, proficiency, and skills to develop equitable and sustainable development programs, with particular focus on health and education, with the aim
of meeting the basic needs of the Iraqi people.

Health Care:
In the vital sector of health, the key concern of the RASIT and its associate members is how to enhance the accessibility and quality of Health Care Services against rising costs and
competing needs.  The idea of a Trust Fund presents itself as a novel and dependable alternative for financing the priority needs of integrated health care and its programs.
All health care and treatment programs for Iraqis in need is conducted at Clinique du Levant in Lebanon.

Primary education:
There is a big demand on creating education-resource centers in Lebanon, as a starting point, to provide Iraqi refugee children with intensive catch up learning. This will help children
with the required preparation to re-enter schools and return to conventional education.  These centers, will provide jobs for Iraqi teachers, and will help children at the same time.  
Higher education:
In collaboration with Lebanese universities and polytechnic institutions, we are aiming to provide: University education; re-training of professionals; polytechnic education (computer,
language, tourism, etc)

Food: US$450 per month is enough to feed one person.
Hygienic materials: (tooth brush & paste, washing powders, soaps etc).
Clothes (all ages).
Toys for kids (mainly educational).

Creating Jobs:
Creating small businesses:
It is essential to create and find jobs for Iraqi families to ensure their inspiration of freedom, hope, human dignity, renewal, and self-reliance.
- sewing machines
- Internet Cafe`
- Iraqi Coffee shops: there is a great demand on Iraqi Culture
- Home delivery Iraqi cuisine: creating jobs for widows with children

Legal Immigration Fees:
To adjust and improve immigration status of Iraqis within Lebanon, and the Middle Eastern countries.
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