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Miriam Trust Fund
"Tomorrow will be as sweet as Chocolate"
    ---- Miriam, 8 yrs old refugee - Lebanon
RASIT is committed to serve Iraqis, whether refugees or within Iraq,
victimized by oppression or violent conflicts, through providing relief,
rights in education, health care, and  resettlement assistance.
The Fund
in the news
RASIT Executive Director Meets with Deputy Director of the
Lebanese General Directorate for General Security Regarding Iraqi
Students' Residency Issue.
Due to the absent role of the Iraqi Embassy in Lebanon, the Iraqi students are having
serious difficulties to be granted the residency in Lebanon like any other foreign
student studying in Lebanese Universities.  The Lebanese General Directorate for
General Security usually grants a 3 months tourist visa to Iraqi students who should
then leave the country and come back with another tourist visa.  Such issue is causing
further problem to students with the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education.  Following the
meeting, and with the authority granted to RASIT by the Iraqi Government, the
Lebanese General Directorate for General Security is now granting Iraqi students an
annual residency in accordance to Law.

The Iraqi Government Recognizes RASIT as the Only Organization
Serving Iraqi Citizens including Refugees in Lebanon.
The Iraqi Government through its Embassy in Beirut send a letter to all Governmental
bodies, inter-Governmental Organizations, and International Embassies in the
Republic of Lebanon indicating that RASIT is the only Organization responsible for
providing educational, health, economic, and social support for Iraqi citizens including
refugees residing in Lebanon
.  Read Letter    

RASIT Provides Medical Treatment for 214 Patients from Iraq.
RASIT sponsored medical treatment for Iraqi patients suffering from cancer, heart
problems, diabetes and other chronic conditions requiring urgent attention and living
in Iraq, Patients mainly children and women were treated in Lebanese hospitals.  

Counseling Clinic is Open
RASIT established a Counseling Clinic to provide psychological treatment and support
for Iraqi refugees.  

Painting Classes for Iraqi Children and Youth is Open
Iraqi children and youth have suffered from the terrorism in their home country and the
situation living in. RASIT is teaching children and youth painting and the art of drawing
to overcome their agony and to look at life with hope.  The classes are run by
Lebanese and Iraqi Artist donating their time and efforts to support Iraqi refugees.
Ahmad Al-Mousawi, presented his paintings to be displayed at RASIT's office in Beirut.  

Iraqi Refugees Weekly Women Gathering
Every week, RASIT host a group of Iraqi refugees women in one of Beirut restaurants
and coffee shops to entertain them.

440 Jobs Created for Iraqi Refugees.
In support of Iraqi refugees to live in dignity, RASIT collaborated with Lebanese firms
and companies to employ Iraqi refugees. A total of 440 jobs were created: 60 women,
193 Youth, and 187 men are benefiting from the jobs.

Paris Jefferson The renowned British Actress will pay a visit to Iraq
refugees in Lebanon.  
RASIT Medical Clinic for Iraqi Refugees
RASIT established a medical clinic that provide primary health care to
over 25,000 Iraqi refugees residing within the City of Beirut. The clinic,
run by renowned Lebanese doctors, is serving an average of 100
individuals per day. RASIT Clinic providing FREE medical consultations,
treatment and medications to all Iraqi refugees including Youth.
RASIT continues its humanitarian efforts for underprivileged
Iraqi Refugees in Lebanon.  

Food and other daily life requirements are distributed within the suburb of
Beirut City. Each family will receive enough supplies that last them up to 3

Since 2005 RASIT supported 11,822 Iraqi refugee families (average of 4
persons / family).
HRH Prince Adel El-Hashemite Sponsors the Iraqi
Gathering at Marriott Hotel in Beirut to support the Iraqi
Football Team
RASIT Organizes a Gathering for Iraqis to Support the Iraqi Football Team
in the Final of Asia Football Cup. The gathering was held at Marriott Hotel  
in Beirut and attended by the Iraqi Ambassador Mr. Jawad Haeri, the
Executive Director HRH Princess Nisreen El-Hashemite, and more than
3000 Iraqi refugees in Lebanon. The attendees were served with food
and drinks while watching the football game.  Renowned TV Channels
including the Official Iraqi TV covered the gathering.  Iraqi Team won the
Cup and the celebration continued.  
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