RASIT and Felician University Signs an MOU aiming to promote sustainable development, global health and gender equality in the United States, particularly within the scientific
sector including the healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

RASIT Executive Director gives a keynote speech at the Campden Wealth Family Office Forum in its 18th session in London.

RASIT and Sabanci University, Istanbul - Turkey, signs an MOU for collaboration and partnership in Sustainable Development Programs.

RASIT Executive Director is appointed as a Distinguished Visiting Professor at Felician University - New Jersey USA.

RASIT Executive Director appointed as an Honorary Chairperson for World Federation of Consuls - Women in Diplomacy Committee.

RASIT Writes the Future’s History at the United Nations.  On Friday December 4th 2015 Member States Adopt Ground breaking Resolution to Establish an Annual International
Day of Women and Girls in Science.  

RASIT's Executive Director Receives Vote of Thanks from the Board of Directors and Delegates of World Federation of Consuls.  
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RASIT's Executive Director Gives Keynote Speech at the 11th World Congress of Consuls held in Istanbul.  
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RASIT's Executive Director, HRH Princess Nisreen El-Hashemite Addresses the Eurasian Women's Forum  held in the Russian Federation on September 24-25 2015.
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RASIT's Executive Director Addresses the Family Office Forum in Zurich - Switzerland. Click here to Read.

RASIT Joins the International Community in Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the United Nations.

RASIT's Executive Director, HRH Princess Nisreen El-Hashemite to Participate in the Interactive Dialogue "Fostering sustainable economic growth, transformation and promoting
sustainable consumption and production,” taking place on 26 September of the UN Sustainable Development Summit.

Mr. Richard Jordan, Director of   RASIT Operation at the United Nations,  participate as one of a few Global Experts on Science and Policy participated in the UN Environment
Programme's GEO-6 Report (Global Envioronmental Outlook.  As such, Mr. Jordan participated actively in the preparatory meeting for North America in Ottawa, Canada, from 27-
29 May. GEO-6 is UNEP's flagship report on science and the environment.

RASIT Executive Director Presents the Inaugural World Women's Health and Development Forum
Declaration to the Assistant Secretary General Ms. Lakshmi Puri for UN

Assistant Secretary General, Deputy Executive Director of UN Women Ms. Lakshmi Puri Congratulates RASIT on the Great Success of the Inaugural
World Women’s Health and
Development Forum held at the United Nations HQ, and Calls for Continuation of the Partnership with the UN.  

President of the United General Assembly Congratulates RASIT on the creation of the
World Women's Health and Development Forum.

Nour Al-Assaad Represent RASIT Youth Vision on Beijing +20.  
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RASIT and Bahcesehir University Signs MOU at the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Mission to the United Nations - New York City.  The MOU aims to bring RASIT’s reputed
expertise in Sustainable Development, Youth Empowerment, Popularization of Science, Research and Studies, Training, and Women’s Health and Development Programs to
Turkey and other countries.

RASIT's Representative Mr. Richard Jordan facilitated the content of the NGO Declaration of the 65th Annual UN DPI/NGO Conference.

Workshop on Tourism and the SDGs
ICCC and RASIT partnered at UN DPI/NGO Conference lead-off workshop that has been the follow up of three Huffington Post articles, a Disney Dose podcast, and a consultation
at the Patel College of Global Sustainability at the University of South Florida.

RASIT Joins the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health

RASIT Statement on the Status of Women in Science submitted to the United Nations Secretary-General.  
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RASIT Executive Director, HRH Princess Nisreen El-Hashemite, Speaks at the World Women Leaders Summit held in New York City, USA.

RASIT Elects Great City of Paterson - New Jersey as the New Location for its Future Headquarter and Programs Office.

RASIT Launching "MUTE" Program
A new program aims to empower DEAF individuals and their families. Read More >>       

RASIT Outstanding Service Award for 2013 is granted to H.E. Mrs. Claudine Dominique Ouattara, First Lady of Ivory Coast, and Chairwoman of Children of Africa Foundation.   

RASIT Establishing a New Center for Women's Studies in the MENA Region.
The Center will conduct rigorous research and disseminates its findings to address the needs of women in the MENA region, promote public dialog, and strengthen families,
communities, and societies.  The Center shall fosters academic research, advocacy, and community partnerships in support of science, culture, education, work and family,
health, employment and other issues concerning the development of women in the MENA Region.  The research will be run by women researchers and advocates from the MENA
region, and shall act as a source of information about the situation and achievements of Women in MENA Region.  

RASIT MENA Office Celebrates First Anniversary for ENWAN Radio Program.  
Lebanese and Arab Youth SPEAK OUT Through ENWAN Radio Program Live Every Monday on Lebanon Official Radio Station.  Read More >>     

RASIT Executive Director Presents RASIT's Award to the Minister of Information in the Republic of Lebanon.      

RASIT Executive Director and the Minister of Information in the Republic of Lebanon Present Certificates of Merits to the Youth Participated in ENWAN Radio Program in a
Celebration held at the Ministry in Beirut - Lebanon.       

"Youth Advocacy Center" a New Program of RASIT World Youth League
As “Partners in Policymaking” The Advocacy Center is an innovative model of leadership training for Youth.  It is designed to provide state-of-the-art knowledge about issues and
policies related to issues that matter Youth life, and to develop participant competencies to become more effective in influencing policy development at all levels. The overall intent
is to achieve a productive partnership between Youth and those in position to make policy.  The Program to be launched in September 2013.

RASIT MENA Region Office Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Business Empower Corporate
Business Empower (BE), a leading IT corporate in the MENA Region, will provide the IT Experience, Solutions, and Expertise to run RASIT World Youth League Programs in the
MENA Region.

RASIT and FCCIAL Signed a Memorandum of Understanding for Cooperation
The Federation of Chambers of Commerce Industry & Agriculture in Lebanon (FCCIAL) and the Royal Academy of Science International Trust (RASIT) signed on Tuesday
September 25 2012 an MOU aiming for cooperation in Arab Youth Empowerment and Development Programs.  High levels of dignities, diplomats, businessmen, and youth
attended the ceremony.  RASIT and FCCIAL will provide internship and training programs within the FCCIAL and its corporate members.  In addition to workshops and support
Youth studies and research, both RASIT and FCCIAL will organize an annual conference on the role of Arab Youth in Development.  The President of FCCIAL Mr. Mohammed
Choukeir and the Executive Director of RASIT HRH Dr Princess Nisreen El-Hashemite announced for the launching of The “RASIT-FCCIAL Arab Youth Excellence Award.  This
yearly award will honor Arab Youth in various fields such as business, science and technology, social sciences, and arts.

The Renowned Scientist Professor Farouk El-Baz shared a chapter on the Apollo astronaut training: a publication of the Geological Society of America.  In his message to RASIT's
Youth, Professor El-Baz said: "it is intended to record the history of how it was done, in the hope that it would help future generations do it better..".  

RASIT Launched ENWAN Youth Radio Program
In collaboration with the Lebanese Ministry of Information aims for Youth Empowerment, RASIT produces "ENWAN" Youth Radio Program.  The Radio Program is a platform for
the Voice of Youth to be heard; in fact Youth will have for the first time the opportunity to speak out as leaders of today.  On Monday April 2nd 2012, the Minister of Information, HE Mr
Waleed Al-Daouk, will be the first guest.  

The Executive Director HRH Dr Princess Nisreen El-Hashemite meets with Dr Sharaf Abu-Sharaf, the President of the Lebanese Medical Syndicate.

In the presence of the Executive Director HRH Dr Princess Nisreen El-Hashemite, RASIT's Team, Dr Layal Abi-Zeid and Dr Mohammad Hammeya, Dr Zeyad Abi-Rashid, and Dr
Hussein Kandil presents a lecture at Hariri Candian University - Meshrif.

INPAC page is established within RASIT's official website to highlight the latest news and activities of the Infertility National Public Awareness Campaign.

In the presence of the Executive Director HRH Dr Princess Nisreen El-Hashemite, RASIT's Team, Dr Layal Abi-Zeid and Dr Mohammad Hammeya, presents three lectures at Borj
Hammoud Social Development Center.

RASIT Signs with Lebanese Ministry of Social Affairs a Memorandum of Understanding Aiming to Improve and Develop Lebanese Society through Different Sustainable
Development Programs.

RASIT and Lebanese Ministry of Social Affairs Launches the National Campaign To Raise Public Awareness About Infertility Causes Treatment & Prevention.

RASIT Press Release on the International Volunteers Day.

In celebration of the Universal Children's Day, RASIT MENA Regional Office Issues a Statement titled "Universal Children's Day: a Day with no features in Arab States". Read More

Executive Director meets Grand Mufti of the Lebanese Republic Sheikh Mohammad Rashid Qabbani and Present him the Law Project Regarding the license and regulation of IVF
centers in the Lebanese Republic.

RASIT Sustainable Development Studies Center Submits to the President of the Lebanese Parliament HE Mr Nabi Berri a Law Project Regarding the license and regulation of IVF
centers in the Lebanese Republic.

Executive Director meets with the President and Board members of the Fédération internationale des femmes diplômées des universités, Lebanon Branch. Read More >>

Executive Director meets with Secretary General of Lebanese National Consultative Committee on the Ethics of Life Science and Health. Read More >>

Executive Director Meets with Director General of the Lebanese State Security HE Major General George Qaraa. Read More >>

Lebanese Ministry of Social Affairs to Collaborate with RASIT on Public Health Awareness Program in the Republic of Lebanon. Read More >>

Executive Director Meets with the Lebanese Minister of Youth and Sports HE Mr Faisal Karami. Read More >>

Under the Patronage of the House Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament HE Mr Nabih Berri, RASIT Sustainable Development Studies Center organizes a symposium titled
"Gamete Donation & Mixing Genealogy" in Beirut - Lebanon.

The House Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament Opens Iraqi Children's Art Exhibition in Beirut.  Read More >>

RASIT Launches its MENA Region Office in Beirut - Lebanon. Read More >>

RASIT's Award given to Iraqi writer Hamed El-Maliki in recognition of thy outstanding achievements in Arab States Art and Literature. Read More >>

RASIT launches first Online Art Exhibition
In support of Iraqi artists & photographers, RASIT launches online Art Exhibition featuring pictures from Iraq that others around the world do not know.

RASIT launches Youth who is who directory.
In celebration of International year of Youth, RASIT launched in September “who is who” Youth Directory; A special tribute to acknowledge Youth Achievements through their
studies and work.

Children's Science Cafe got started.

RASIT is launching an immunization campaign against Breast, Uterine, Ovarian, and Prostate Cancers in Lebanon and Iraq. More information can be obtained by contacting Nora
Mehdi: info@rasit.org

Higher Education and Job Opportunities: Students Assessment
RASIT is organizing an international conference in Fall 2011 to discuss the future of graduates, higher education policies, economy and higher education, brain drain, and many
more.  In depth information can be found by contacting us.

RASIT establishes Iraqi Sustainable Development Studies Consortium.  
The Consortium main aim is to measure the impact of democracy in the new Iraq and its effect on society and the sustainable development programs.   Read More >>

RASIT Establishes Children Library at Children Central Hospital in Iraq
El-Sharifa Fatima Children's Library is a very special library within the Children's Central Hospital in Baghdad - Iraq. It is very special because it is the first of its kind in an Iraqi

RASIT and Science in Africa
RASIT signed a memorandum of understanding with the Sudanese National Academy of Sciences (SNAS). The MoU aims to promote and develop science education and
research in Sudan and Africa in general, and to support young scientists.

Executive Director Lectures in Baghdad
HRH Princess Dr Nisreen El-Hashemite presented two lectures on health related matters. The 1st lecture was titled “Scientific Research and Woman’s Health in Iraq. The 2nd
lecture was titled “Cancer in Iraq and Prevention of Genetic Disorders.”  Dr El-Hashemite concluded both lectures by submitting practical strategies to the Ministry of Health in

RASIT Decorates Leukemia and Kidney Failure Wards - Children's Central Hospital in Baghdad
Talented children from different schools in Baghdad, drawing hope and joy, dedicated their drawings to children with cancer and kidney failure at the Children’s Central Hospital –

Science Cafe: a Transformation in Communicating Science in Arab Countries
Last Thursday of Every Month; Beirut – Lebanon. 5 years and the sixth is coming, and still working on popularization of science in Arab States.
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