Deafness is seen as a low priority with national Governments and Inter-Governmental Organizations and it is hoped that
“MUTE International” Program will form the basis of a new working and collaboration with Deaf associations and
charities, allowing them to become more vocal, heard, and involved in the on the issues affecting the Deaf Community

RASIT’s history, mission, values and commitment to the humanity, make us so confident that we can make a difference
for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community.  This is a big step for us but we believe it is one worth taking.

The new program theme is “Think MUTE”; it is an invitation to all hearing individuals worldwide to be aware of being a
“MUTE” i.e., Deaf or with hard hearing problem, in a world full of noises and disturbances.  

It is an invitation to the hearing people to get involved with positive attitudes to deafness, to ensure that deaf and hard
hearing people are treated equally, and raise the voice of the unheard community in this world, i.e. Deaf, for the civic
rights of Deaf individuals in education, health, employment, and involvement in decision making.
HRH Princess Nisreen El-Hashemite
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Mute International
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