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Mute International
How to Join..?

Individual membership:
Open to every person over the age of 18 years, interested in furthering the objectives of the
Annual membership fee is US$50.00 for professionals, and US$20.00 for students.

For associate membership, an individual should submit his / her curriculum vitae (CV), 2
passport-size photo, copy of the official ID, with the membership fee.  

Accepted members will receive a certificate of membership, and the benefits package,
including  50% (for students) and 35% (for professionals) discount to the Program’s

Organizations membership:
Open to every registered charity / association working in the field of deafness.   
Annual membership fee is US$250.00

A certified copy of the charity / association regitration certificate, a copy of its by-laws /
constitution, a letter signed by its President requesting membership, copies of last
financial report, and the membership fee, should be submitted to RASIT Secretariat.  

Accepted organizations will receive a certificate of membership, and the benefits package,
including  50% discount to the Program’s activities.
Organizations Membership

Organizations membership is open to Charities and organisations in the field
of deafness. The breadth of membership enables MUTE International to be an
effective influencing body.

Access information about deaf issues and events held by MUTE International
and all its members.

Attend MUTE International events, at reduced registration fees and contribute
to help shape the course of action for deaf organisations worldwide.

Get involved with International campaigns.
Why Join us?

There’s no one answer. The reasons are as diverse as our
people. Simply Enjoy a Sense of Belonging, the opportunity
for Valuable networking, and the opportunity to improve the
effectiveness of your skills.

Becoming a member of MUTE International means you’ll be
part of a unique and high profile campaigns.

MUTE International Program structure provides a real sense
of belonging. It means that your role is integral to the

Whatever your skills, you can really make a real difference.
That’s why your membership is so valuable to us.
Who Can Join?

Any individual: Deaf, Hard of Hearing, or Hearing, may
become a member of the Program upon meeting all the
conditions of RASIT membership. Members shall enjoy the
privilege to participate in the organizational process of the
Program and request information pertaining to the Program.
By Joining Us You Will

- Enhance your career
- Meet people in influential positions
- Attend events by leading professionals on a variety of topics
- Develop your presentation skills
- Develop leadership skills outside your regular job
- Raise problem and receive suggestions
- Take on a leadership role  
- Find a friend, advisor, or a new contact
- Enhance your life
- Be visible as a role model to others
- Make a difference in people's lives
All Are
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