Our Work
All human rights issues have sustainable development dimensions. RASIT focuses on priority areas that are fundamental to human
development, and that can unlock progress across the board.

RASIT overall objective is to promote the sciences and strengthen their influence in society sustainable development in the years to
2015 and beyond.

RASIT’s work is based on key priorities
  • to be a forum where scholars can meet across subject borders
  • to act as a voice of science at international community
  • to offer unique sustainable development studies and research
  • to influence research policy priorities
  • to influence parity in science and education
  • to promote culture
  • to support and empower youth
  • to stimulate interest in renewable energies and sustainable development goals in schools and among public
  • to disseminate scientific and popular information to the United Nations and its entities in various forms.

RASIT champion the contribution that science and innovation can make to economic prosperity, quality of life and environmental
sustainability.  RASIT is a focal center for debate about science, society and public policy.

RASIT has provided scientific and educational advice to policy-makers since 1969.

RASIT’s work is now organized around four themes: diplomacy, governance, innovation and sustainability. Through these we
examine major topics such as the changing nature of global science, the implications for society for developments in rapidly
developing areas of science and technology, science funding and how science can inform debates about sustainability.

Several of the issues we work on are driven by organization / country demand and regional priorities. However, many of the issues
we tackle are global in nature and require international collaboration with other science academies / institutions, research and
policy organizations, civil society and private sectors.

RASIT's work is led by working groups of Associate members and other experts, including economists and social scientists.
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