The Royal Academy of Science International Trust
at the heart of Science, Education, Economy, Arts & Sustainable Development
Women in Science International League

The League is dedicated to promoting excellence and
parity in education and science, and plays an influential
role to empower women and girls in science in a wide
range of ways.
Sustainable Development Studies Center

The Center espouses an inter-disciplinary, multi-sectoral
approach and recognizes that future long-term research
must be coordinated across all areas of sustainable
development to maximize impact worldwide.
World Youth League

The Potential of Youth as partners for development has
been the main objective of RASIT’s work and programs.
The Science Café

Popularization of science is an endeavor to image
scientific concepts in such a way that every person
(especially non-scientists) can understand the
fundamental objectives and have an idea of what science
in essence is.  The Café aims to popularize science to a
great extent, by means of raising awareness of how it
touches our everyday life.
U.N. Fellowship Program

A unique program for students and professionals
interested in deepening their understanding of the
United Nations goals, principles and activities, as well
as international affairs and the practical facilitation of
intergovernmental cooperation.  
World Women’s Health & Development Forum

Providing international leadership and coordination
to promote and improve the health of women and
girls through policy, education, and model programs.
Humanitarian Aid

The Humanitarian Aid Program aims to assist in aiding,
relieving, and rescuing refugees wherever around the
world and help the unfortunate people gain confidence,
maintain their identities and rebuild their lives.
El-Sharifa Fatima Fund

Helping women and children to overcome barriers and get
their lives working, through providing practical support
including education, integrated health care, training,
mentoring, and financial assistance.
Mute International

MUTE International program aims to promote, protect and
ensure the full and equal enjoyment of all human rights
and fundamental freedoms by all Deaf and Hard Hearing
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Miriam Trust Fund

RASIT is committed to serve Iraqis, whether refugees or
within Iraq, victimized by oppression or violent conflicts,
through providing relief, rights in education, health care,
and resettlement assistance.
Infertility National Public
Awareness Campaign

A national campaign in launched in the Republic
of Lebanon to raise public awareness about
infertility causes, treatment & prevention.
RASIT - EkoRE Agora

The Agora explores the role of the private sector in
delivering the 2030 sustainable development agenda,
focusing on what business can do (and what it cannot
do) and the role governments need to play to avoid risks
and maximize potential.
The Arts and Culture Council

The Arts and Culture Council aims to raise the
importance of arts and culture in achieving
sustainable development.  Through its various
programs, the Council works to preserve, promote
and advance world culture to create a kind of
knowledge, appreciation, and respect of each other
cultures and civilization.
Global Campaign for Women and Girls in Science
The Science Princess Global Campaign

a Movement celebrates the achievements of women, known
and unknown, remembered and forgotten, who have forged the
way for those of us in science today, and to give an opportunity
for children: girls and boys, to choose role models in science.