RASIT Sustainable Development Studies Center is devoted to further studies in the philosophy, psychology and social studies of education, science, technology, and
medicine with particular reference to innovation and cultural change, science communication, the public understanding of science, and its impact on sustainable
development programs.

In 1982 HRH Prince Professor Adel El-Hashemite recommended the setting-up of the Studies Center, under the aegis of the Royal Academy of Science International Trust.

Since 1983, the Sustainable Development Studies Center frames sustainable development as a process that addresses the urgent environmental issues of this time, while
attending to problems of poverty and human indignity.  Sustainable development issues manifest themselves at multiple scale levels at global to local level.

The Center promotes rigorous and objective empirical research and studies on issues related to sustainable development to support decision-making by Inter-
Governmental Organizations, governments and industry. The results of the research are disseminated through conferences, forums, publications, workshops, educational
programs and other public outreach activities.

The Center seeks to deepen and reinforce development concepts by offering theoretical and conceptual frameworks that places people at the center of the development

Further, it coordinates a wide range of events in a variety of disciplines ranging from history, human rights and culture to education, health, science, environment and

The Centre is an interdisciplinary consortium of junior and senior scholars and specialists in all fields including natural sciences, social sciences, humanities and law.

The Center’s mission is to improve well-being around the world by better understanding the interaction of demographic changes with social and economic development. Its
main goal is to produce population-based evidence that will better inform policies needed to create healthy and vital societies.
The main objectives of the Center are to:

  • Enhance the scholarly exchange of knowledge on sustainable development issues among social scientists and to enhance collaboration with the natural and
    technical sciences;

  • Promote joint innovative research and studies work on sustainable development issues at multiple scale levels, from contrasting perspectives, in and between the
    Global North and South, to better understand issues confronting the world’s populations and identify ways to cope with and resolve these challenges;

  • Facilitate deep understanding of the values, thinking, practices, and aspirations of the world’s diverse cultures, and the acquisition of advanced Science Technology
    and Medicine;

  • Provide an institutional framework within which all development-related issues can be considered, researched and discussed with a view of providing practical
    guidance and assistance to the relevant decision makers;

  • Develop professional training opportunities and public programs in global studies for researchers, educators, students, business leaders, media, governmental
    agencies, civic organizations, and all members of the public concerned with understanding and solving global problems.

  • Advance university education that provides a critical and state-of-the-art understanding of sustainable development problems as well as relevant governance
    opportunities; and

  • Take part in societal and political debates on sustainable development issues.
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