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The rationale for this innovative program of study lies in the global environmental and development challenges that have been articulated in the
Sustainable Development Goals. It is clear that solutions to the challenge of sustainable development require holistic, integrated and coordinated
actions across a very wide range of sectors, and will increasingly require a multidisciplinary approach. This program aims to provide participants with a
broad grounding in the main concepts associated with sustainable development, but also provides the opportunity to specialize in one area in greater

Courses Description

Sustainable development is a type of economic growth pattern where the use of resources meets the needs of the human population while conserving
the environment at the same time. Sustainable development means resources are used in such a way that both current and future human needs can
be met. The Short Courses Diploma in Sustainable Development reviews a diverse range of topics including what exactly sustainability is and what
systems of practice are most commonly used, and in particular, examines the importance of sustainable development in counteracting global climate

The courses will be of great interest to all professionals interested in international development, and in the sustainability and environmental sectors who
would like to learn more about global sustainable development. It will also be of interest to the general learner who is interested in how current and
future demands for the earth's resources by a growing human population can be met.

Enrolled individuals will have the opportunity to attend and participate in related meetings and conferences held at the United Nations Secretariat.

  • Understand what is meant by sustainable development;
  • Learn about systems practice used in sustainable development;
  • Understand the role of sustainability in global climate change;
  • Learn about the role of United Nations and its entities;
  • Understand the role of renewable energy sources in sustainability;
  • among other related subjects to the 2030 Development Agenda.

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Diploma in Sustainable Development
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