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Given our long record of global ties, it is no surprise that RASIT Sustainable Development Studies Center attracts visiting scholars from every corner of
the globe.

Our location in the City of Rutherford – New Jersey, with easy commuting to Manhattan, provides visiting scholars an opportunity to connect with New
York City rich and diverse cultural and intellectual communities as well as the United Nations Headquarters.  
We welcome visiting scholars to conduct research and studies, attend and participate in meetings at the United Nations, and work in a variety of
capacities throughout the Center.
Our international scholar population includes everyone short-term visitors who conduct research on unpaid appointments.

It would be impossible to quantify the benefits derived by our Center, interns, and the international community from the exceptional diversity of
perspectives brought by the Visiting Scholars.

The Center welcomes visiting scholars and researchers who are junior or senior members of faculties, involved in government service or doctoral or
postdoctoral studies, for either a few weeks’ period or up to a full year.

In addition to pursuing their own research objectives while at The Center, visiting scholars are often invited to actively participate in other RASIT
activities, such as
Deliver a formal lecture    
Participate in program seminars/events at the United Nations
Engage in formal or informal discussions with interns and other multi-stakeholders

The Center will arrange access to computers, libraries, and other facilities, as appropriate, and provide office or carrel space, if available, and Liaising
early with the International Office for necessary information to process immigration documents

Visiting Scholars will have the opportunity to gain more skills at the United Nations, and will be able to present their research in either a specially
organized briefing at the United Nations or at an international conference

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