The Consortium aims to:

  • Measure the impact of democracy in the new Iraq and its
    consequence on society and human rights and the sustainable
    development programs.
  • Deepen understanding of the development process in Iraq in view of
    the domestic and international challenges it faces.
  • Provide an institutional framework within which all development-
    related issues can be considered, researched and discussed with a
    view of providing practical guidance and assistance to the relevant
    decision makers.
  • Coordinates a number of academic research projects in the area of
    development with local and international institutions.
  • Involved in community based projects that seek to empower
    marginalized groups and integrate them in the development process.
  • Enroll Iraqi Public Opinion on various out standing and impending
    issues relevant to the present and future of Iraq.
  • Carrying out fieldwork and theoretical researches on Social,
    Economic and Political aspects and giving attention to public opinion
  • Convening conferences, seminars, symposiums and lecture relevant
    to the objective.
  • Develop and consolidate relations with International Organizations
    whether governmental or non-governmental.
  • Offer Consultation and Training Courses for Iraqi Institutes in
    various fields.
The Iraqi Consortium for Sustainable Development Studies (ISDSC),
established under the aegis of the Royal Academy of Science
International Trust is a virtual research studies center specializing in
development studies in the Republic of Iraq. The Consortium will be
providing a unique insight into the Democratic, Economical and Social
tendencies and intricacies of Iraq and its society.

The Consortium’s activities are supervised by a committee of
renowned Iraqi academic and scholars, and Arab scholars who
provide it with both technical and academic support.

Activities are divided into different Units:

Research Unit
aims to produce quality, multi-disciplinary and critical research on
issues related to all aspects of development in Iraq

Survey Unit
aims to develop and apply methodological tools for producing
qualitative and quantitative data within the Iraqi context

Community Outreach Unit
aims to conduct community-based interventions and research that
empower marginalized groups

Information Unit
aims to provide information services & disseminate development-
related material

One of ISDSC main tasks is the production of the Human
Development Report on Iraq based on the real situation within Iraq.
Iraqi Consortium
for Sustainable Development Studies
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