What is it like to be a child in Iraq?
Everyone worldwide may know what is like to be a child in Iraq.  The children of Iraq
(account for half of Iraq’s population of 29 million people) are heirs to conflicts,
dictatorship, war, sanctions, and internal strife and terrorism. You can read the
UNICEF report to get further information.  

The main questions are:
How to change a life of an Iraqi child? How to help
an Iraqi child? And How to realize objectives and goals?

It is quite simple and easy to talk about the current situation, but what is really
needed is to see things real on the ground.  Hundreds of civil society organization
are now in Iraq, most of them talk about Democracy, Human rights, no violence,
women rights and equality, but unfortunately very few did something on the ground
to help Iraqis and their children.
What is really needed in now is a real credible work, to see the problem and to act
helping overcoming it.

El-Sharifa Fatima Children's Library is a very special library within the Children's
Central Hospital in Baghdad - Iraq. It is very special because it is the first of its kind
in an Iraqi hospital.

The Library serves underprivileged Iraqi children suffering from chronic diseases
by giving them the spirit of hope.  

El-Sharifa Fatima Children's Library offers a variety of children's programs:
teaching, reading, drawing, handcrafts, entertainment, competitions,  etc. Most
importantly it gives hope to sick children with cancer, renal failure, and
psychological diseases.  

Unlike other Arabic countries, we found it difficult to get children books and stories
in Iraq, as well as children TV programs and movies. We hope that through this
library we will be able to encourage publishers and TV stations in Iraq to focus to a
certain extent on children's literature and programs.

With your help and support we hope to give Iraqi children hope in a time of crisis.  
We hope that this library will be in every Children's hospital in Iraq.

    HRH Princess Nisreen El-Hashemite, BSc MSc MD PhD
    Executive Director
Children's Central Hospital
Baghdad - Iraq
El-Sharifa Fatima
Children Library
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