The RASIT Executive Board adopted the 2016-20 Strategic Framework and aligns the yearly Work plans and budgets according to the
following three Strategic Objectives.

Strategic Objectives

  • Knowledge
    Increase access to and use of knowledge and innovations to enhance policy, service delivery and financing mechanisms,
    addressing key constraints to science development, as well as highlighting the contribution that science and innovation can make
    to economic prosperity, quality of life and environmental sustainability..

  • Advocacy
    Identify and mobilize additional resources for RASIT through partner engagement and by maintaining visibility of science issues in
    policy and development meetings / forums / conferences. Promote consensus on evidence-based policy development and
    implementation (including strategic priorities and alignment of resources).

  • Accountability
    Promote accountability for resources and results, leading to better information to monitor RASIT results, as well as better and more
    systematic tracking of how resource commitments are actually allocated.

Operational Principles

RASIT structures its work plan activities around four operational principles, namely:
  • being a convenor,
  • being partner-centric, and
  • being driven by organization / country demand and regional priorities.
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