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U.N. Fellowship Program
How to Join

This Program is intended for students and professionals interested in global policy issues and eager for an opportunity to learn how international
diplomacy is conducted at the professional level. Most importantly, interns will learn by example what work methods will give them a superior
knowledge of inside workings into the UN and diplomacy.

Participants may be university students or professionals and are selected on a competitive basis. We accept individuals in a development related
fields such as economics, law, social studies, public health, public or business administration, journalism, science, or environmental studies.

Demonstrated interest in the field of development

Language skills: written and spoken proficiency in English. Fluency in other language is an asset.

An interest in global mobility; adaptability to varied physical and other environments; a desire to work with and gain the confidence and respect of
people with different language, national and cultural backgrounds.

Respect for the principles enshrined in the United Nations Charter and the RASIT bylaws and Statement of Purpose.

Financial Issues

    RASIT does not pay for internships. The administrative and other costs associated with internships must be borne by the nominating
institution, related institution or others, which may provide the required financial assistance to its student/employee; or by the applicant, who will
have to obtain financing for subsistence and make his or her own arrangements for travel, accommodation, etc.


Enrollment is limited to up to 9 individuals every quarter, to enable close interaction with RASIT Operations at the UN Senior Staff and fellow

At the end of the internship period, Interns will receive a certificate and a recommendation letter that will be custom-designed from RASIT to each
individual intern.


Applicants interested in participating in RASIT Operations at the UN Fellowship Program must submit an up-to-date CV and, two recommendation
letters (For Students Only), along with a brief statement describing his/her interests and reasons for wishing to participate in the Program.

Applications for RASIT Operations at the UN Fellowship Program should be submitted electronically.

Applications must be submitted at least three months before the start of the Program.  Selection for the internships is fully decentralized within

The colleagues will only contact applicants if they can propose an internship.

Selected candidates will need to fill out an application-agreement form, proof of health insurance, and a scanned copy of his/her passport and
visa (if applicable).

The Fellowship springs from the applicants own personal initiative, and as such is part of his / her ongoing studies or work; it entails no
commitment on the part of RASIT.

As the Fellowship Program is not connected with the recruitment process, the granting of an internship should not be interpreted in any way as a
preliminary step towards employment at RASIT or the United Nations.
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