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U.N. Fellowship Program
The Fellowship Program is an intensive course designed to help Interns gain knowledge about the inner workings of the United Nations, acquire
deeper insight into the process behind creating cross-sector policy, broaden awareness of ongoing United Nations projects, and share
perspectives on current events at the United Nations.

Interns will gain valuable experience and will become familiar with the ways in which the United Nations promotes international relations, assists
in the creation of cross-sector policy, and maintains open diplomatic channels worldwide.

The Program covers diverse areas of global interest, such as the perpetuation of international peace and security, the amelioration of living
standards and human rights, conflict prevention, more widespread access to better health and education and the reduction of violence against
women. The Program will provide Interns with concrete direction for becoming involved with efforts that promote and maintain a safer world for
current and future generations.

In addition to attending meetings at the United Nations, the Fellowship Program will also include a VIP tour of the United Nations headquarters,
possible visit to UN entities such as UNICEF, UNFPA, UN Women, and UNDP, and arranged visits and meetings with UN officials,
intergovernmental organizations representatives and member states head of missions.  
Program Overview
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