Around the world, wars and armed violence, climate devastation and poverty have resulted in a staggering number of displaced people.

Many less fortunate people living in poverty, including refugees who escaped wars have witnessed and experienced abuses, violence, humiliation, torture, loss, and displacement, suffer from living high levels of stress.

Music is part of being human. It unites us all, across every culture. When a body is trapped, music can set the mind free. Through music people find a new way to express themselves, rediscover their abilities and regain their confidence to be active members of society.

From single activities bringing joy to people in refugee camps, to longer-term social inclusion projects, RASIT brings the connecting power of music to the complicated issues of displacement, reception, and inclusion.

RASIT is collaborating with Mr. Ahmad Mukhtar, a renowned musician and composer, to help people to enjoy music, express their humanity – to air their losses and fears, their hopes and their dreams. RASIT is working for the day when less fortunate people, including refugees and migrants, are treated with equality and dignity.