Generations in Dialogue

The Generations in Dialogue Program aims to improve the understanding of young people’s sense of what the future holds for them. An innovative approach is designed specifically to open dialogue across traditional disciplinary and age boundaries and to bridge the gap between the agendas and preoccupations of academics, senior professionals, private sectors and policymakers and those of young people.
The Generations in Dialogue will inevitably trigger will allow Youth to learn from the experience of older people, while the older generations can profit from the Youth’s knowledge and skills, as well as from their energy and dynamic force.
The Debates identifies and defines new approaches to bridging the gap between generations in the virtual and the real world. It should contribute to a mutual recognition of basic rules of intergenerational dialogue based on understanding and respect.
One of the priorities of World Youth League is Arab Youth Empowerment. The integration of Arab Youth into society among other avenues that can be taken, can be achieved by encouraging intergenerational dialogue on: Education, Employment, Rights, Health, and Entrepreneurship.