Starting Point: Iraq

HRH Princess Dr Nisreen El-Hashemite - The Executive Director of RASIT, and during her field trips to various provinces in Iraq said: “economic and social factors of the Iraqi family have a significant impact on children and schooling. Many families cannot provide the most basic needs for their children such as school bags, books, notebooks, and pens… A large number of children working to help their families. "

Dr El-Hashemite continues: "Also the security situation and the transportation to and from school is one of the important problems facing children in Iraq. Many of the children walk long distances on foot to get to school. This is in addition that most of the schools need rehabilitation of both buildings and services such as water, electricity and sanitation facilities, furniture and classrooms. There is also a shortage of teaching materials such as schoolbooks and tools necessary including the special classes for practical and scientific education and libraries. The situation in the villages and provinces is worse than Baghdad”.

Princess Dr Nisreen El-Hashemite stressed the need to take urgent action to promote and encourage the enrollment of children in schools. This must include providing transportation to schools and improve the level and quality of education through improving educational curricula and the provision of textbooks and accessories, and rehabilitation of school buildings and public facilities with an emphasis on children’s health, including psychological and physical health. A moral support in Iraq is very essential to encourage families enroll their children in schools.

Through El-Sharifa Fatima El-Hashemite Fund, RASIT continues its humanitarian efforts to help underprivileged Children in Iraq.

In a gesture of support for the Iraqi children, RASIT’s Executive Director HRH Princess Dr Nisreen El-Hashemite visited underprivileged families in various parts of Baghdad and distributed to children aged between 6 - 10 years.

The total number distributed since 2009 is 50,000 school bags, every bag contains all the required materials and books for the elementary school years.

Turkiye: The Second Stop

In collaboration with UNFPA Office in Turiye, HRH Princess Dr. Nisreen El-Hashemite visited rural area school in the province of Eskişehir.

Through the visit, Princess Dr. El-Hashemite presented a medical stethoscope for Aziza who has a dream to become a doctor. Aziza's family are farmers who travel seasonally to different areas seaking job opportunities. Neither Aziza nor her siblings went to school. With the support of UNFPA Officers in Turkiye, Aziza was admitted to school in Eskişehir. Within two years, Aziza proved herself and was promoted to the grade suitable for her age and talent. To encourage Aziza pursuing her dream, Princess Dr. Nisreen paid a visit to her family, presented educational gifts to Aziza and her siblings including a laptop, and spoke with the parents about the importance of education for the children. The parents promised to admitt Aziza's brother to schools, and kept their promise.

Following the visit to Aziza's family, the Princess spent time with children and presented them with educational gifts and materials including school bags.

For the visit, Princess Dr. Nisreen El-Hashemite invited professional Turkish women to join her in this trip to the school in Eskişehir. Following the visit, the Professional Turkish women got inspired and started their own trips to schools in rural areas.

The FOREMOST STOP: Developing and Least Developed Countries:

RASIT was founded in April 1968 by the late HRH Prince Mohammed bin King Faisal (I) El-Hashemite, to provide education to whoever is in need.

Through education, RASIT and its associate members and Partners have been working together to integrate children in schools, eliminate illiteracy, and narrow the gap between nations.

More than 54 thousand Schoolchildren underprivileged communities and least developed countries have benefited from RASIT’s elementary school scholarship and educational materials support.